Self Leveling Concrete Flooring Project in Denver, CO

Self Leveling Concrete Flooring Project in Denver CO | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc
Industrial Self Leveling Concrete, Denver Colorado by Fishers Concrete

Tim Fisher of Fishers Concrete of Louisville CO, outside of Denver completed this project by applying our Param 5500 Self Leveling Concrete and one of our sealer systems. (Project Date – November, 2011)

This was a 1500 square foot floor requiring 85 bags of Param 5500 to level the pre-existing surface. The process started by grinding the floor removing potential bond breakers and opening the pores of the surface for increased adhesion. As you can see in the photos, the fixed cracks, damaged areas and filled in the joints. The goal was to create a smooth, seamless, non slip surface.


Param 5500 Self Leveling Concrete

One of the unique benefits of our Param line of self leveling concrete is that they are non shrink. The result is an overlay that stays exactly where it is applied. It can be used over tile, old mastics and has been used over wood. It is very strong with compressive strength of over 5500 psi.

It can be used as both as underlayment for carpet, tile and hardwood or as a decorative wear surface. Many of our contractors will integrally color Param Self Leveling Concrete and seal the surface.

It can be used in residential homes, industrial warehouses, retail stores, restaurants and office buildings. It is a cost effective, solution based product.

Sealers Used

The sealers used in this project were Perdure A03, Perdure E32 and Perdure U46.  This is a very popular combination to achieve polished concrete appearance on self leveling concrete products. Perdure A03, water based acrylic sealer is sprayed on the surface of Param 5500. It helps in preventing appearance of roller marks. Also, it allows the color of the concrete not get darker as this happens when an epoxy sealer is applied directly over concrete surfaces. Perdure E32, water based epoxy primer forms a good bond between the acrylic and polyurethane topcoat. Perdure U46 is a water based polyurethane gloss finish. It is applied with a 3/8″ nap roller. 

The complete installation process is showed in these videos –

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