Importance of Seamless Flooring in Medical Offices and Hospitals

Importance of Seamless Flooring in Medical Offices and Hospitals | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Seamless flooring systems based on epoxy, polyurethane, MMA and/or polyaspartic poyurea are a great choice for a Medical Office or Hospital. In a hospital or medical office, the floor is possibly the most important piece of “equipment.” There’s no such thing as a dust bunny in the corners of a hospital because they are cleaned so often. Hygiene for patients, safety for patients and employees so they don’t slip and fall, and a pleasing appearance are all three very important tasks that a floor in a medical office or hospital must be able to provide.

Not just any floor will do. Flooring that is common in residences or small office buildings simply doesn’t work in the environment of a medical office or hospital. Vinyl flooring in the form of tiles and even large sheets has seams that are difficult to clean. That’s where the flooring comes apart and can be a tripping hazard. Plus, heavy equipment must be rolled over the seams and this makes the seams more likely to come apart, even if they are sealed.

Flooring such as carpet or wood laminate is not stain-resistant. A facility might have carpet in administrative offices, but dust and bacteria can collect in carpeted flooring and that might be tracked through one area to a room where patients are being seen. A truly seamless, durable and attractive floor like concrete is the right choice for a medical center or hospital.

Hospitals have unique needs. They have on the one hand large public areas that are waiting rooms that must be comfortable as well as high performing, because they see so much use. On the other hand is the large patient area where the floor must be sterile, easy to clean, stain resistant and resistant to contamination by pathogens or bacteria.

The demands placed on a medical center or hospital floor makes this decision one of the most important regarding design. Durability, a pleasing atmosphere and a floor that is easy to clean are of prime importance. Studies show that patients heal faster in a pleasing environment. So the floor in a medical center or hospital must be able to do it all: be resistant to all of the potential for damage, be easy to maintain, be sterile or easy to clean, and look good. That’s a lot to ask!


When you do your research on floors, you might find that vinyl sheet flooring is recommended for your medical center or hospital because it looks less “institutional.” But seamless resinous flooring here is the only flooring that makes sense. It’s the only flooring that truly CAN do it all.

It’s affordable, especially when you consider the reduced need for maintenance. Cracks, chips, dents are practically non-existent. No matter how big your floor is, it can all be poured in one single step, so no seams to harbor bacteria or start to come apart. And epoxy, MMA or polyurethane resins can be “softened” with any color, pattern or design that you can imagine. From vibrant gem tones to soothing pastels and pearlescent colors, your seamless resin floor can be any color throughout your floor, even in different areas.

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