What are the best Seamless Flooring Systems for the Automotive Industry

Best Seamless Flooring Systems for Automotive Industry | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Automobile showrooms, repair shops, service bays, and auto manufacturing facility floors require unique flooring solutions. Their floors must meet the harsh demands of heavy vehicle traffic, oil, grease, rust, and chemical exposure. Floors must be immune to hot-tire-pickup and be relatively maintenance-free. Concrete slabs are not enough to withstand the daily routine of automobile maintenance or elegant enough to impress the potential car buyer.

The porous concrete substrates in service centers and dealership showrooms absorb spilled hydrocarbons resulting in stains, leading to fumes and dust that are harmful if inhaled. Showrooms and high-tech maintenance facility floors need to have a designer look, an extension of the dealership’s or auto company’s brand.

Duraamen offers specialty automotive flooring products designed to prepare old, oil-stained concrete for a new floor. Our products also protect new and old concrete from the spillage of harsh chemicals, oil, hydrocarbons, and the impacts of heavy tools and machinery that often occur in these environments.

Duraamen’s specialty automotive shop flooring solutions

Urethane and epoxy coatings, as well as polished concrete, are exceptional options that add value and protection to any automotive industry related floor. They aren’t the only options, but they are the most commonly installed in the automotive industry. Because of Duraamen’s unique anti-hydrocarbon concrete preparation products, any concrete floor or overlay can be realized. Below we introduce you to our auto shop preparation products and three of the most popular flooring options for industry.

Perdure MVT+ and BactoClean HC

Duraamen’s Bactoclean HC is a powerful oil-eating microbial solution that is ideal for removing dirt and remediating all types of hydrocarbon-based products. It removes oils, fuels, grease and lubricants from concretes and other surfaces.

Perdure MVT+ is an epoxy coating designed to act as a moisture vapor barrier over concrete substrates. MVT+ exhibits other-worldly adhesion to oily concrete surfaces. This quality makes it the perfect concrete preparation tool for auto service garages with well-used, oil-stained concrete. Utilizing Perdure MVT+ enables a variety of flooring options that would otherwise not be installable in auto service centers.

Kraftig Auto Service Center Flooring system

Duraamen’s urethane modified concrete (“Kraftig” or just “UMC”) is one of the toughest, longest-lasting floor coatings money can buy. It is ideally suited for use in automotive service centers, and anywhere a heavy-duty hard-wearing floor is needed. UMC is a seamless floor coating that is impact and abrasion-resistant. Dropped tools and auto parts won’t damage your floor, and it’s seamless nature makes it a sound environmentally conscience choice.

UMC is also chemical and thermal-shock resistant. Oil, brake fluid, gas, harsh cleaning chemicals, and nearly anything else won’t leave a mark. Its thermal-shock resistant properties mean you can concentrate on repairing and maintaining vehicles in the harshest winter cold or searing summer heat without thinking about your floor. Additionally, UMC can be installed at nearly anytime of the year in most temperatures.

Extreme heavy-duty auto service centers may require more flooring protection. In this case, quartz granules may be broadcast on top of Kraftig. Quartz increases the impact and abrasion resistance of UMC, while also providing a decorative look and a safe, non-slip surface. Since we mentioned safety, it’s good to note that UMC is offered in several colors, including industrial safety colors.

While Kraftig is perfect for automotive garages and service areas, it’s also used in other harsh environments. Commercial kitchens, breweries, and chemical factories, to name a few. UMC has a home anywhere that a seamless, environmentally friendly floor is needed. UMC is impact, abrasion, chemical, and thermal-shock resistant.

Lumiere Designer Metallic Auto Showroom Flooring System

The high-end look and feel sought after by luxury automobile showrooms requires a floor that is as gorgeous as it is tough. While many resin chip systems work well for garages, basements, and the like, they’re honestly a little boring—especially for high-end automobile brands. Good thing Duraamen offers Lumiere—a designer metallic epoxy floor system.

Lumiere is tough. It resists hot tire pick-up, scratches, abrasions, and chemicals. Its deep, vibrant, metallic color and high-gloss shine make it the perfect choice for luxury automobile showrooms.

Fundamentally Lumiere is a clear epoxy resin, specially formulated for concrete floors, with colored metallic particles added to it. The color additives are made from fine metallic powder and are offered in a variety of colors. The metallic partials are suspended in the transparent resin creating the deep luminous glow. The artist may use one, two, or several shades to create a completely custom and unique floor for their client. Installing a one-of-a-kind auto showroom floor to match surrounding décor and exemplify your brand will make sales staff and customers feel exclusive.

Available in a dazzling array of colors, Lumiere is an excellent choice for gorgeous and highly durable floors where a contemporary look is desired.

Param Polished Concrete Auto Flooring system

Polished concrete is one of the most contemporary types of flooring available. It’s widely used in malls, retail shops, offices, luxury apartments, and NYC condos, to name a few places. It also makes for excellent flooring in the automotive industry.

From the busiest repair shops to auto dealer showrooms and high-tech auto service centers, polished concrete withstands the weight and abuse of vehicle traffic. It protects the concrete substrate while looking good and being easily maintained.

Polished concrete installs over nearly any type of concrete substrate, new or old. Duraamen’s Perdure MVT+ primer/sealer for oil-stained floors makes this possible.

Polished concrete can be installed seamlessly, and stained or integrally colored to achieve a look and feel that appeals to all types of auto enthusiasts. It can be finished as a deep gloss, semi-gloss, or matte, depending on the topcoat. With that kind of versatility, it’s not uncommon to finish a showroom and a service center in the same type of polished concrete floor.


Below we list the necessary steps for installing any of the floors discussed above. For detailed information on installing a specific flooring system, please refer to the product’s datasheet or contact Duraamen.

Preparing the substrate

The substrate needs to be clean, particularly for automotive service centers. If the shop as serviced cars before the floor will be stained with oil, grease, and other automobile fluids. To remove these fluids, Duraamen’s Bactoclean HC (formulated explicitly for hydrocarbons) is used. This concrete cleaner utilizes oil-eating bacteria to remove all types of hydrocarbon stains and deposits like oil and grease.

After the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, and dust, dirt, and oil have been removed, the floor is ready for grinding. An experienced floor contractor will grind the concrete substrate to a CSP of 3 or 4. CSP stands for “Concrete Surface Profile.” The correct CSP is the difference between a floor that lasts, and one that may deteriorate over time.

The final step in surface preparation is to apply a primer. In automotive service centers, showrooms, maintenance facilities, and body shops, the primer of choice is Perdure MVT+. MVT+ creates a moisture transmission barrier that won’t allow vapors from oil and hydrocarbons still trapped in the concrete to penetrate the floor surface above. It forms a permanent bond with the concrete substrate, even over still oily concrete.

Once the floor has been cleaned, ground, and primed, it’s ready for your choice of flooring system to be installed.

Duraamen’s flooring systems for the automotive industry are available with a wide range of options. If you’d like to learn more about investing in your auto service center, body shop, auto showroom, or dealership, contact us today.

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