Different Flooring Options for Health Care Facilities

Different Flooring Options for Health Care Facilities | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

The flooring choices for health care facilities vary from polished concrete flooring to urethane concrete flooring systems. Health care facilities include hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric treatment centers, and veterinary care centers. The flooring in health care facilities is expected to be durable, low maintenance and aid in infection prevention. Moreover the floor’s decorative qualities have become desirable for a growing number of hospitals that want to achieve sophisticated ultra modern, high-tech appearance.

Extra care needs to be taken while choosing the flooring material to be installed in health care centers as patients’ safety and hygiene is given highest importance. Warm colors are selected to help the patient feel at home and enables in speedy recovery. Hospital flooring needs to stand up to heavy, around-the-clock foot traffic but also medical equipment, carts, beds and more. It’s expected to keep staff, patients and visitors as safe as possible from slips and cushion them from injury when falls do happen. Ideally, the flooring will ease the repetitive stresses and strains of walking and standing for medical staff who works on their feet for up to 12-hour shifts.

Flooring is expected to be durable, low maintenance and aid in infection prevention too. Plus, the floor’s decorative qualities have become desirable for a growing number of hospitals that want to achieve that “homey” feel for patients and visitors. The greener or more sustainable it is, the better. Of course, all this needs to be accomplished at the lowest price possible.

Sanitary floors start with a seamless surface that is durable, while resisting chipping, pitting or gouging that may lead to crevices that can harbor bacteria. Our cost effective resin flooring delivers a stain resistant solution that is easy to clean and keeps your hospital, surgical center or ambulatory care center floors looking good.


Different areas require different flooring systems.

1. Corridors, Patient Rooms and Other General Areas: Whenever patients, staff and visitors interact, maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is an ongoing challenge. You can choose from any one of the following flooring systems:

  • Stained Concrete Flooring
  • Lumiere Designer epoxy flooring

2. Solutions for OR, ICU, NICU and specialized Services: In specialized hospital areas, your healthcare challenges are varied and complex, with much at stake. These environments must support patient health and safety – for patients with significantly compromised health, including reduced immune system and respiratory capacity, and who may be particularly vulnerable due to their age. We recommend Perdure SLE, self leveling epoxy flooring system at a minimum thickness of 1/4″. Built-in anti-microbial ensures long-term sanitary conditions and being seamless-easy cleaning. You can attractive design patterns using one or more colors.

3. Kitchens, Dining Areas & Laundry: Duraamen offers a durable, safe, slip resistant surface that is also thermal shock resistant. An integral cove can be incorporated for a completely seamless flooring system that will remain attractive and easy to clean for years. We recommend –

  • Kwortz Flooring System with a double broadcast at a minimum thickness of 1/4”
  • Kraftig – cementitious urethane flooring system with natural quartz aggregate broadcast is suitable for kitchen areas
  • Lumiere designer epoxy flooring will be suitable for dining areas. The system can be top coated with moisture cured polyurethane with non-skid additive that offers anti-slip properties while not affecting the appearance of the floor.

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