Flooring Options for Distilleries

Flooring Options for Distilleries | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Most distilleries have their own secret recipe for turning grain into spirits and aging it just right. The best flooring for a distillery, however, is no secret. If your distillery, whiskey, for instance, is doing each step of the process yourself, you will spread wet barley on the malting room floor to germinate. Then the grain will be dried in high-temperature kilns. The malt will be finely ground in mills, then mixed with very hot water to separate the sugars from the grains. The distillation process requires high heat to separate the alcohol from the water.

At each step of the way, distilleries use wet, heavy ingredients, forklifts and other machinery and equipment, and hot water at very high temperatures, for both cleaning and production. A floor in this environment will take a lot of abuse.

A concrete floor without a floor coating will not withstand the heavy equipment and heat it would be exposed to. The floor must remain smooth so it is easy to clean, with no cracks or chips where bacteria could reproduce. At the same time, it must not be so smooth that your employees or customers slip. It will be exposed to rigorous daily cleaning. It must be inherently resistant to the acids found in liquor and the sugars found in grains, as well as the chemicals used for cleaning. It should be impact-resistant as well as USDA-approved.


What type of floor can do all that? A urethane concrete flooring system called Kraftig from Duraamen over your concrete floor will protect your investment for years. Duraamen’s flooring for wineries can have additives mixed in to meet your specific anti-microbial and non-slip needs.

Polyurethane Screeds (or Urethane Concrete) for distilleries are extremely durable with special characteristics like thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance and very high impact resistance. These urethane concrete screeds have the ability to pitch the floor for adequate drainage which is very important in a distillery. Its slip resistance is customizable to meet local regulations. There has to be a fine balance between cleanability and sufficient slip resistance.

You can watch the installation of Urethane Mortar System with decorative quartz HERE.

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