What is the best option for moisture vapor control in New York City?

What is the best option for moisture vapor control in New York City | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Moisture vapor emission from concrete substrates is a major cause of flooring failures in the New York City area. Duraamen’s Perdure MVT+ is a great option for a quick turnaround.

Businesses such as retail showrooms, hair salons, spas, restaurants, bars, gyms, child care facilities, night clubs have started installing seamless Metallic Epoxy Flooring. Two main reasons why businesses appreciate epoxy flooring are its low maintenance, durability, and abrasion resistance it provides. Epoxy coatings are not breathable. They trap moisture vapor and cause blisters in the floor. It is unsightly and disastrous in the making.


An epoxy coating contractor based in Englewood, New Jersey, recently completed the installation of metallic epoxy flooring at Head Injury Association, located in Hauppauge, New York. According to the epoxy contractor, the original Head Injury Association building was about 20 years old and had a damp smell. This prompted the contractors to conduct moisture vapor emission tests, which came to their readings of 8 pounds per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours.

In addition, Perdure MVT+ was installed at a thickness of 1/8 inch to assist with the moisture problems experienced by the Head Injury Association. This two-component epoxy system is designed to seal concrete and reduce moisture vapor transmission. The substrate must be shot-blasted to create a surface profile so that Perdure MVT+ will bond tenaciously. A thin primer coat at 200 sq.ft. per gallon is applied first. It is followed by applying an epoxy mortar made from Perdure MVT+ and blended mortar aggregate. After installing the moisture vapor treatment, the metallic epoxy system is applied to create beautiful, long-lasting flooring.

Using Duraamen’s epoxy floor coating, the contractor assisted the Head Injury Association’s headquarters with a serious moisture problem. When there are moisture problems in concrete floors, many problems can occur, such as discoloration of the floor, danger issues (such as slipping), and corrosion of items embedded into the concrete.

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