Give Your Elevator a Lift with Our Elevator Floor System.

Give Your Elevator a Lift with Our Elevator Floor System | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

When having flooring installed in your facility, office space, store, or apartment property, it’s easy to overlook the passenger elevator cab flooring. Because tenants, customers, and employees often enter and exit with a ride on your elevator, the interior design and the floor of your elevator can leave a lasting impression on visitors. Elevator flooring is especially important in New York City and urban areas where there are a great many high rise buildings.

Freight elevators in manufacturing facilities, highrises, airports, hospitals, train stations, and the like, receive a considerable amount of abuse with their heavy lifting and supply duties. They are the life-blood of any multi-floor property or manufacturing facility.

Elevator cab in NYC with a fresh epoxy coating applied to the floor
Epoxy coating has been applied to the floor of this NYC elevator cab.

All types of elevators require extra-tough flooring that can withstand heavy loads, impacts, abrasions. From foot traffic, shopping carts, wheelchairs, suitcases palette loads, and more, elevator flooring has to be tough.

An elevator floor system needs should be available in multiple design options. It should have several colors, texture, and performance property options. Whether you’re trying to match the interior design of an entire floor, remodeling a space, or just remodeling just the elevator, there’s a resinous floor to meet your design needs. From bright and solid colors to dazzling quartz, subdued resin chips, and brilliant metallic designer options, epoxy coatings cover luxury passenger elevator applications to the most industrial, heavy-duty lifts.

An elevator floor needs to be low-maintenance and must meet or exceed building codes, elevator weight and design requirements, and government accessibility requirements. Chemical resistance and semi-flexible coatings to withstand harsh environments and high traffic are desirable attributes in an elevator floor. Duraamen’s Elevator Floor System meets these needs.

Duraamen’s Elevator Floor System

Our Elevator Floor System is a customizable system of products created to meet or exceed the stringent demands placed upon a floor by heavily used elevators. Two general types of resin seamless floor coatings are offered as part of the system:

Elevator cab floor is prepared to have an epoxy coating installed
This elevator cab in NYC is having its plywood floor prepared for the installation of an epoxy coating.

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective and popular flooring option for elevators. There are several varieties to choose from that meet the needs of industrial facilities, retail stores, luxury apartment buildings, and office space elevators. Regular clear or colored epoxy, resin chips, dazzling quartz, and beautiful metallic high-shine, are among the options. Epoxy systems are available in several colors, including industrial safety colors.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) coatings are among the most stringent available options. MMA coatings are widely used in industrial and outdoor elevator applications. MMA coatings are semi-flexible, so they withstand impacts and freeze-thaw conditions, making them perfect for freight elevators, high-volume passenger elevators, manufacturing facility elevators, parking garage elevators, and outdoor lifts. MMA coatings are also available in many colors, including the standard industrial safety colors.


Our elevator epoxy coating system is highly versatile. It may be purchased pre-colored, or you may buy color paks separately for mixing on-site. You may choose from our standard epoxy coating, a self-leveling variety that doesn’t need troweling or our Lumiere Metallic Epoxy System. Quartz aggregate or resin chips may be added to the systems to further your design and add anti-slip capabilities.

Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Lumiere is our decorative epoxy floor that is just as tough and long-lasting as any epoxy floor coatings. It’s available in multiple metallic hues. It has a deep, high-gloss metallic luster that is perfect for luxury and entertainment venues. Its deep metallic sheen is provided from actual metallic particles suspended in the resin. Metallic Essences, the metallic pigment used in the system, is available in numerous colors. More colors, patterns, and textures may be created by using two or more colors and/or mixing them to create unique and creative floor designs.

Self-leveling Epoxy

Perdure SLE is a self-leveling epoxy flooring coating. Having all the advantages of our other epoxy floor coatings, Perdure SLE is ideal for non-level areas. Perdure SLE can be installed with an integral cover base for areas requiring seamless wall to floor coatings.

Decorative Quartz Aggregate

Our Kwortz Flooring System Decorative quartz flooring consists of broadcasting colored quartz granules on wet resin, giving the floor a beautiful reflective quality and anti-slip properties. Another option is to blend the quartz granules with the epoxy before application. Both methods result in a solid, durable, resinous flooring system.

Resin Chips

Endura is our decorative resin chip system. It consists of our professional-grade epoxy coating and resin chips offered in a variety of colors.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

MMA is even tougher than our epoxy coatings, and while it may be used in passenger elevators, it’s toughness makes it the perfect choice for freight elevators that take more heavy abuse.

MMA is not affected by temperature and has the highest bond strength to the substrate of nearly any other floor coating. It’s quick to install, meaning a faster return to service for freight elevators.

Our MMA-based resin systems show excellent inter-coat adhesion; there is no substrate preparation needed, and the existing floor material does not need to be removed. The bonding property of these resins is so strong that the coats bond to themselves and the substrate exceptionally efficiently. The application of fresh MMA resin creates a surface that almost nothing can effect once the top coating is in place.

Maintenance is ultra-minimal with these strong floors. They are impervious and waterproof floors that liquids, solids, oils, and other industry-related substances do not affect. If additional protection is needed, additives contributing to antimicrobial properties can also be added. Slip-resistance is customizable, as is the thickness of the coatings. These floors can also be colored in a variety of ways utilizing colored flakes, quartz sands, and pigments, which can be decorative or anti-slip.

Topcoats & Sealers

All of the floor coatings in our Elevator Floor System may be finished with a variety of clear topcoats to suit your needs. Whether you desire a slip-resistant textured finish, gloss or matte finish, or something in between, we will put together a system that meets your project requirements.

Duraamen is Your Elevator Flooring Expert.

We’re experts in industrial, retail, office, and residential flooring. Providing attractive, high-end, professional-grade, floor products is only part of our job. We also offer technical support and project consultations to business owners, property managers, installers, architects, and homeowners.

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