Decorative Spray-Texture Concrete Overlays

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Decorative Spray-Texture Concrete Overlays —

For a Great Looking Pool deck or Patio at an Equally Attractive Price.
With any new design or renovation project, the most important considerations are how will your new floor look and perform, and how much it will cost. On all three counts, decorative spray-texture concrete overlays are hard to beat. 

No rip and replace. Just a great space.

What makes a decorative spray-texture concrete overlay such a popular flooring solution is that it enables you to leverage your existing concrete substrate. The process simply entails overlaying color on top of the concrete you already have. Not having to rip and replace it keeps your costs down considerably.

It’s called ‘Decorative’ for a reason.
Decorative spray-texture concrete is also a popular color overlay solution because it offers tremendous design versatility. In addition to achieving a range of color, or the ability to refresh or touch up your existing color, a stencil can be used to create a pattern, design, your favorite symbol, or company logo.

Create almost anything.
We can expertly create intricate details such as borders, inlaid motifs, or tiles with a pattern or embossing. A variety of looks can also be achieved, such as brick, tile or stone, and slip resistance finishes can easily be added. Decorated tile can often be more affordable than purchasing more costly, high-end imported tile.

The versatility of decorative spray-texture concrete overlays make is perfect for:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • High-traffic interior floors
  • Pool decks and patios
  • Corporate driveways or entrance ways
  • Concrete masonry
  • Drywall
  • Plaster

Other advantages of decorative spray-texture concrete overlays:

  • Excellent durability — It has a high bond strength, and can be given a high slip-resistant finish, and a resistance to abrasion and water — perfect for pool decks or public areas where you are liable in case of a fall.
  • Easy to maintain — Keeping your floor looking high-quality for as long as possible will only required minor cleaning or occasional power washing — not much else.
  • Easy to repair — If damage occurs, your color or texture can easily be re-created and repaired without having to re-do the entire area. It’s also easy to re-seal.
  • Quick to install — We will work hard to complete your concrete overlay design project in two or three days. Timing factors include the size of the surface and complexity of your design, onsite conditions, the weather, and if the space is public and requires access during the installation period.


The installation process:

The first step of any design project is to assign you a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you and keep you updated throughout all phases of your project, from initial planning to the applying of your new concrete overlay. We consider staying within your budget and your total satisfaction our top priorities.

We’ll begin with a careful inspection of your space so we best understand your existing conditions. Depending on the condition of your substrate, we’ll prepare your surface by pressure or acid washing it, or by light shot blasting the surface.

Once the surface is ready, we’ll apply a primer coat to create adhesion to the substrate, then a base coat using either a squeegee or trowel. The base coat interacts with the primer and bonds to the concrete, and fills in any cracks or defects. Your color, texture and finish are then applied and sealed for maximum durability.

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