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You’ve got steady work and multiple years under your belt to show your experience. So why should you consider attending a contractor workshop or enrolling in a course in your field? For contractors, knowledge is power. The more skills you have in your toolkit, the easier it is to provide quality work, stand out from your competition and attract clients.  

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of professional training for contractors and what you can expect to gain from Duraamen’s two-day InstallersEdge advanced contractor workshop

Why is Continuing Education Important for Contractors? 

You’ve almost certainly gone through the experience of losing a contract to a rival bidder. There’s work to be found, but there’s also competition, so you need to show why your business is the most qualified to take on a job. 

Continuing education — whether through a one-day seminar or a full-year course — does two critical things. First, it gives you new knowledge, including practical skills, familiarity with a wider range of tools and materials, and a more in-depth understanding of your work that will improve client satisfaction. Second, it gives you concrete proof of this knowledge. Listing certifications and completed training courses on your website can tip the scales in your favor when clients are choosing between contractors. 

According to the 2022 Industry Outlook from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 26% of contractors are concerned about inadequate construction career education and training. So why not address that concern by reinforcing your skillset and putting those new skills on the market? 

What is the InstallersEdge Advanced Contractor Workshop? 

The InstallersEdge Advanced Contractor Workshop is a two-day workshop for professional contractors — typically in trades like concrete, painting, tiling, and surface preparation — who have basic floor coating training and want to learn advanced installation techniques. 

Taught by instructors who have been in the concrete coatings business for more than 20 years, the workshop covers several high-value skills relating to cement and resin floor coatings, including: 

  • Advanced design techniques using Duraamen’s Skraffino concrete microtopping system 
  • Familiarity with Duraamen’s fast and cost-effective Terrazzi sprayable polished concrete system 
  • Installation of various self-leveling concrete and epoxy coatings 
  • Creative techniques using Duraamen’s Lumiere metallic epoxy system 
  • Installation process for Urethane Concrete and MMA Resin Systems 

And much more. 

Our instructors will explain how to execute various techniques while encouraging discussion and providing practical assistance as you get familiar with your new skills. 

Contractor Workshop Benefits 

The InstallersEdge Advanced Contractor Workshop is more than just two days of continuing education. It’s also a chance to network with the best in the business, access Duraamen-specific contracts, and get exclusive discounts. Outlined below are the top benefits of attending our professional training.  

Learn From The Best 

The InstallersEdge instructors are experts in their fields, each having over 20 years of experience. 

At our most recent workshops in Cranbury, New Jersey, and Hayward, California, our three instructors boasted a broad range of clients including Gucci, Potbelly, the New York City Housing Authority, and the Long Island Rail Road.  

On top of their impressive clientele, our instructors also have a breadth of experience. Dominick Cardone, President of Diversified Decorative Finishes, has been a leader in the decorative concrete industry for over 25 years. Marco Cascante, the owner of Form Designs LLC, specializes in epoxy, polyaspartic, and microtopping floors. Laszlo Keszthelyi, the owner of Monster Coatings, has installed floors from 200 sq. ft up to 50k sq. ft. and has numerous certifications.  

Test Products Before Purchasing 

Duraamen’s professional training program gives contractors the opportunity to get hands-on with a variety of Duraamen products, from micro concrete to super-tough MMA coating systems. 

Testing products before purchasing is an excellent way to figure out what you enjoy working with and what kinds of projects you are ready to bid on. Furthermore, having hands-on experience with the products will ensure you go into your next flooring job knowing exactly how the concrete and resin materials will behave when you lay them down. No surprises and no wasted resources. 

Get Listed on Duraamen’s Contractor Directory 

The InstallersEdge Advanced Contractor Workshop is designed to be mutually beneficial. We want contractors to use Duraamen products, so in return we’ll give you access to project leads, helping you secure more work. 

Taking part in the workshop puts you on the Duraamen map. Upon successfully completing the two-day course, you’ll become a Duraamen Approved Pro, with clients able to locate your business through our online contractor directory. Your company’s directory page will be search engine optimized for local leads, allowing Duraamen to run internet marketing campaigns for your business. 

Preferred Pricing 

Workshop participants will receive volume-based discounts on relevant Duraamen products. Additionally, as a courtesy for attending the workshop, you’ll receive $500 worth of products to get started with. 

Certificate of Completion 

To stand out from your competition, you need to provide prospective clients with proof of your skills. The InstallersEdge Advanced Contractor Workshop helps attendees demonstrate competency by providing them with a Certificate of Completion that can be listed on their business website. This certification also allows attendees to bid on projects where Duraamen is specified.


Attending contractor workshops and training courses helps you stay on top of your game, keeping up to date with the latest products and techniques. It can also give you an edge when it comes to securing contracts, as clients will recognize your broader range of skills. If you want to be the first to know about Duraamen’s next round of events, contact us directly and sign up for our mailing list.

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