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The use of epoxy coatings is prevalent in residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, transportation and marine applications. There are different types of curing agents used for different performing characteristics of an epoxy coating. The curing agents react with the epoxy resins and form a cross-linked network that converts the epoxy resin into a full fledged epoxy coating. Choosing one type of epoxy over the other could truly be a conundrum for the unwary. Please find below some basic differences between polyamide epoxies, polyamine epoxies, phenolic epoxies and novolac epoxies.

A. Polyamide Epoxies

Polyamide epoxy coatings are based on a curing agent using some sort of reactive polyamide resin. These reactive polyamides are the result of long chain fatty acid dimers reacted with multifunctional amines. These terminal amines have a great molecular distance between them that greatly reduces the vapor pressure of the resin. Polyamide epoxies are normally used in primers for recoatability, flexibility, adhesion, better wetting characteristics, and improved corrosion resistance. They tend to be more resistant to moisture, weather and alkali, but have poor chalk resistance and only moderate acid resistance.

B. Polyamine Epoxies

Polyamine-cured epoxies are normally used to improve film hardness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. There are wide varieties of amine categories such as aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, ketamine, and phenalkamines. These different types of amines offer a wide range of chemical resistant characteristics to the epoxy coatings. Polyamine-cured epoxies provide improved resistance to microbiologically induced corrosion. These epoxies are characterized by shorter pot life and recoat windows as well as chemical resistance and heat resistance.

Note the Difference: Polyamide cured epoxies provide better flexibility, better abrasion resistance, improved corrosion resistance, and are relatively safer to use whereas polyamine-cured epoxies are tough, more chemical resistant, brittle, and provide improved abrasion resistance.

C. Phenolic Epoxies

Phenolic epoxy has been typically referred to as a system where the epoxy resin is heat-cured with a phenolic resin. These type of formulations have traditionally been used for high chemically-resistant can and drum liners.

D. Novolac Epoxies

Novolac epoxy resins are based on the epoxidation of the acid catalyzed reaction product of phenol and formaldehyde. These epoxies are typically used in applications where there is a need for higher chemical and/or higher temperature resistance. They usually require heat to fully cure but sometimes can be formulated to cure at room temperature.

As the polymer technology evolves so does the different types of curing agents that perform in particular conditions. There are so many variants of each of these that it is very difficult to judge comparable values from just the product data sheet information alone. Always talk to a technical representative before selecting a particular type of epoxy coating for a particular application.

Find Epoxy Suppliers Near Me
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What other skills can I learn through EpoxyCountertops’ training?

At EpoxyCountertops, our training program offers a diverse range of valuable skills for individuals looking to expand their knowledge. Through our comprehensive and affordable training, you can acquire various expertise that will set you apart in the industry.

Our training covers the entire spectrum of epoxy and polished concrete flooring. Whether you are interested in resin classes or learning how to polish concrete or epoxy garage floors, our certified trainers are here to guide you every step of the way. They will provide personalized one-on-one training in a well-equipped, air-conditioned warehouse space.

When you train with us, you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. We believe that the best way to excel in any industry is by hands-on learning. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills before venturing into the field, ensuring your confidence and competence in your craft.

Furthermore, our training program gives you the remarkable opportunity to interact with industry experts. Our team consists of professionals who possess exceptional expertise in transforming basic concrete into works of art. By learning from the best, you will not only acquire technical skills but also learn valuable tricks and techniques that will distinguish you from other contractors in the market.

We prioritize your success and ensure that you are well-equipped to tackle decorative concrete flooring projects upon completion of the training. Our support extends beyond the training period, with our team always ready to assist and provide valuable guidance.

EpoxyCountertops’ training program is comprehensive, affordable, and guarantees great value for your investment. With our extensive range of skills and expertise, you can confidently take on new opportunities in the industry. To find out more about our training schedule and locate resin classes near you, please reach out to us today.

What are the curriculum topics covered in the epoxy countertop classes?

The epoxy countertop classes cover a comprehensive range of curriculum topics. These include an in-depth understanding of the epoxy chemical properties, as well as learning about the different types of epoxy resins available and when to use them for specific applications. The classes also focus on teaching the proper mixing and application techniques for various epoxy resin applications, such as countertops, rivertables, and casting resin. Additionally, students learn about the basics of staging a mixing area, achieving a smooth surface preparation, and utilizing the right tooling to apply self-leveling epoxy resin. Furthermore, the curriculum delves into the knowledge and skills required to remodel or create stunning epoxy countertops, custom build epoxy river tables, and effectively utilize liquid epoxy for casting resin. Lastly, students are also provided with insights into marketing and sales strategies, enabling them to effectively promote and sell epoxy resin products and services.

What will I learn during the epoxy countertop classes?

During the epoxy countertop classes, you will acquire a comprehensive skillset in various aspects of epoxy countertop installation and design. The classes will provide in-depth knowledge on the proper preparation techniques for different surfaces in order to achieve a smooth countertop finish. Additionally, you will learn about the correct application of primers and base coats, as well as gaining insight into the essential tools and materials required for the process.

A major focus of the classes will be the development of creative skills specifically tailored to designing epoxy countertops. Through hands-on experience, you will learn the step-by-step process of creating different types of epoxy countertops, including metallic epoxy, epoxy flakes, industrial glitter, and clear coating.

These classes are suitable for both beginners and individuals with prior experience working with epoxy resin. The emphasis is on practical learning, with minimal time spent in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to operate machinery, removal tooling, and perform various epoxy applications, ensuring that you gain valuable hands-on experience that will be invaluable to your business or personal projects.

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