Best flooring option for a Bakery – Urethane Concrete System

Best flooring option for a Bakery Urethane Concrete System | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Would you rather your bakery crew spend their time making delicious breads and muffins, or cleaning the floor? That what we thought. The right answer is of course that you want a floor that your bakery crew hardly has to think about. Of course, it needs a sweep and a mop at the end of the shift.

But more in-depth cleaning? With a Kraftig floor from Duraamen, that’s not on the menu.

A large-scale bakery project requires that hot ovens be on high all the time. That uses a lot of energy. Two of the few ways that a bakery can compete is by lowering its labor costs and by reducing its energy use. Believe it or not, the flooring for your bakery project that you choose can help you achieve both of those goals.

Low-maintenance, hygienic, safe. That’s what a bakery floor needs to be. The less time your crew needs to spend maintaining a floor, the more time they can spend being productive in the bakery. The less time they spend worried about slipping, or picking themselves and their tray of baguettes up from a floor slick with spilled flour or oil, the more time they can spend being productive in the bakery.

Without a well-sealed surface without pores where ingredients might linger, your floor could be harboring bacteria. With a seamless floor that can withstand abrasions, forklift trucks and heavy pallet lifters can do their work. A Kraftig floor is resistant to the usual food-grade chemicals. A wide range of colors gives your bakery architects plenty of room to work up an aesthetically pleasing environment in all areas of the facility. For higher chemical resistance, novolac epoxy coatings can be applied over Kraftig.


Kraftig stands for Urethane Modified Concrete. It consists of synthetic resins in three parts that combine easily and with little odor. It can take on a decorative quartz look or resin chips or just integrally colored concrete look, and it is characterized by its resistance to high pressure, impact and wear. It’s designed to be scratch-resistant and durable. This makes the system well-suited for heavy forklift truck traffic. The urethane-enhanced cement and the aggregate that is part of Kraftig makes it especially moisture resistant. Additives can make the floor non-skid, so safety is not a concern, even if something slippery like flour or wet like melted butter, spills on it.

From dry storage to cold storage to heated oven rooms, bakery flooring is going to get both very hot and very cold. Kraftig is formulated to be thermal resistant. The giant mixers that are often used in bakeries to mix dough cause a high amount of vibrations to go through the flooring. A strong floor won’t crack or lose its shape under these stresses. What will you choose?

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