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Basement Flooring Options NY NJ CT PA MA | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc
What are the different flooring options available for the residents of East Coast in their basements? Flooring in basements must be resistant to moisture from the concrete substrate as well as flooding on the top. Polished Concrete Flooring or Moisture Vapor Resistant Epoxy flooring are the two options that have been tested successfully over a period of time.

Moisture and flooding in New York Basements is a fact of life in New York with numerous reports of water damage from various storms and most recently Hurricane Irene. Moisture vapor that permeates walls and floors also creates issues that is problematic for basement flooring.

There is a solution. The floor pictured here was resurfaced with Param SSL, a concrete overlay that is highly durable with the look of polished concrete. It adheres to existing cementitious surfaces while allowing moisture vapor to pass through without risk of damage. For all concrete floors we have water based sealers that are breathers that provide protection while allowing moisture vapor to pass through.


In the case of flooding, Param SSL and Skraffino, will withstand flooding like a pool handles water. As a functional system, our concrete overlays are unsurpassed for concrete flooring. Design options are unlimited. Many of our clients will put area rugs down over Param SSL adding warmth and design. If a flood is expected, you can roll up the rug until after the storm. In the event of the area rugs getting ruined, they can be discarded and replaced without an expensive basement floor construction project.

We continually hear reports of our coatings being the only area that survives floods and hurricanes.

Basement Floor Options in New York

Duraamen has an extensive network of highly skilled professionals for every floor type and location. Contact us with your requirement and explain the situation, size, budget and intended use. We can provide you with options and the appropriate professional for your project.

There is no better solution for basement floors than properly engineered and installed decorative concrete products. They are durable, water and moisture resistant and as a result limit mold and mildew growth improving air quality. We look forward to hearing from you.

Basement Floor Products New York Basement Flooring Options NY NJ CT PA MA | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Basement Floor Products New York

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