How To install Concrete Over plywood sub-floor?

How To install Concrete Over plywood sub floor | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc
How to apply self-leveling concrete over plywood substrate – Case Study – Project in Louisville, CO

Using Param 5500, self-leveling concrete a polished concrete floor was created over plywood sub-floor.

How To Apply Concrete Over Wood How To install Concrete Over plywood sub floor | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

How To Apply Concrete Over Wood

Tim Fisher of Fishers Concrete of Louisville Colorado sent over these images of a project he completed applying our Param 5500 self leveling concrete over a wood sub-floor.

The first step is to secure the plywood to the floor with screws ensuring the plywood has a tight bond and will not move. As an extra precaution, you may want to consider applying an anti fracture membrane to the plywood. Once the plywood subfloor is secured, the next step is to install galvanized metal lathe to the plywood subfloor.

Once the metal lathe install is complete, Param 5500 self leveling can be applied up to approximately 1/2 inch thick. Once dry, you will have created a durable floor that can be dyed and sealed. In this project Fishers Concrete applied Skraffino, a concrete overlay, for additional design. Skraffino produces a slightly textured sandstone finish that can be stained, dyed and sealed. This is an ideal system for new floors with decorative options including tile, hardwood, carpet or decorative overlays.


We have numerous products that solve many construction issues for many types of surfaces. Param, Skraffino and Param SSL 3 of our overlays. We also have numerous epoxy systems depending on your requirements. Our metallic epoxy systems have grown in popularity for their unique design and durability. These are being used nationwide for all kinds of floors in homes, retail stores, restaurants and lots more.

CLICK HERE to watch the complete installation process.

Please Contact Us to discuss your concrete flooring project over plywood substrate. 

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