The Advantages of Self-Leveling Concrete

The Advantages of Self Leveling Concrete | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

If your concrete floors are in need of repair, a resurfacing with self-leveling concrete is your solution. If the concrete is cracked, has varying elevations, is uneven or sunken then this solution is for you. Your concrete floor can look new again while at the same time you level unleveled surfaces.

An uneven concrete floor can result from several factors. The environmental conditions, including the temperature and humidity levels at the time of pouring the concrete, play a significant role in how the concrete sets. Additionally, the composition and quality of the concrete mix are crucial for achieving a level surface. Structural issues, such as improperly installed floor joists, can also lead to unevenness in the concrete floor.

The price for leveling a concrete floor generally varies depending on the floor’s dimensions and the extent of any unevenness such as slopes, mounds, or dips. Typically, the cost is approximately $6 per square foot.

Self-leveling concrete is polymer-modified cement that doesn’t need the addition of large volumes of water for placement. It is used to create smooth flat surfaces with very high compressive strengths. It can be installed on the top of concrete, ceramic tile, VCT, Wood or Plywood or any non-flexible surface.

It is poured in liquid form and goes down 1/4 to 1.5 inch thick in single pass. A gauging tool is used to spread it in place. Qualities include smoothness, flatness and a compressive strength over that of traditional concrete floors. After you apply it, you can add decorative overlays or concrete stains or dyes.

Self-leveling overlays are among the newest trends for architects and commercial property owners. It is quick to install and can be installed pre or post construction. It can cover plywood or tile floors as well, and is flood proof and hypoallergenic.


To prepare a floor,  first remove all loose materials and clean all surfaces. The floors must be completely cured and free of moisture. The application process is to mix to the point where a lump-free slurry is obtained. Then simply use a broom or a brush to apply the concrete. It dries in only minutes due to its thin consistency.

These new polymer-modified cement overlays can be used for the creation of a new angle on traditional cements. The flowable concrete creates a level surface. The consistency of the compound is akin to pancake batter, allowing it to move and take over the needed areas. Cement can be poured up to one inch. It cures speedily. A minimum of labor is required to produce a level surface that is then ready for use within hours.

In addition to flooring, self-leveling concrete is popular for concrete countertops. The product is highly fluid and pourable, reducing installation time frames. The end result is a concrete countertop with strength and low permeability. It is compatible with limestone aggregates.

The advantages to this technology are a reduction in man hours and a major cost savings. This is your ideal choice for structural integrity and a very short time for installation and curing. Homes and business establishments alike can benefit from the use of self-leveling concrete.

The Choice Between DIY and Hiring a Professional

Determining the most cost-effective method for leveling a floor—whether to hire a professional or undertake the task yourself—depends on various factors. If you possess the necessary skills and tools, and are confident in your ability to execute the project, managing it yourself could be less costly. On the other hand, lacking the expertise, the right equipment, or confidence could make DIY attempts pricier, especially if you need to buy or rent tools. Moreover, errors in a DIY project might result in higher long-term costs due to potential corrections. Therefore, carefully consider your competence, availability of tools, and risk of mistakes before deciding whether to DIY or employ a professional.

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