Self-leveling Concrete Over Plywood

Remodeling Projects, New Homes, and Residential or Commercial Properties that use Plywood Sheeting as a Floor Substrate

concrete Overlays over Plywood Substrates by DuraamennbspSelfleveling Concrete Over Plywood | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

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About Düraamen

Duraamen is a trusted global supplier of high-performance flooring systems that utilize sustainable polymer technology.

Param 5500 Floor Systems

High-Performance, Designer Concrete Overlays for Plywood Substatres in Homes and Commercial Properties.

Param 5500 Concrete Overlay over Plywood Diagram


Param by Düraamen, High-performance Contemporary Concrete Designer Floor Systems.

Modern concrete floors and concrete design elements are often sought after for remodeling projects, new homes, and residential or commercial properties that use plywood sheeting as a floor substrate. Duraamen’s Param Concrete Overlay Floor System meets the needs of property owners, architects, and designers who want to utilize the contemporary style of concrete in interior spaces.

The Param Self-leveling Concrete Floor System can be installed directly over plywood resulting in a highly durable, smooth, colorful, and polished concrete surface. Choose from several color, sheen, texture, and protective finish options. Get creative with dyes, stains, or integral coloring.


  • Convert nearly any plywood substrate into a beautiful concrete floor
  • Modern contemporary look
  • A proven, time-tested concrete floor system
  • User friendly
  • A multitude of coloring options
  • Various protective finishes available for light, medium, and heavy traffic
  • Everything you need to install a concrete floor in one complete package
  • FREE SHIPPING on Param Floor Kits. An excellent option for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

The plywood substrate must be a minimum of 3/4″ thick, untreated, APA Rated, Type-1, exterior grade, plywood, OSB, or equal. The subfloor must be free of any deflection considering both live and dead loads.

Installing the Param Concrete Overlay Flooring System over Plywood

In this instructional how-to video, Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute demonstrates the preparation of a plywood substrate for the installation of a seamless concrete overlay. Preparing a plywood substrate properly for a concrete topping is crucial.

For remodeling projects there are usually two options: 1. tear out what is already there and start over. 2. Use what is there and modify it so it works. In many homes, plywood is the flooring substrate. Applying concrete over plywood is a cost-effective way to modernize a living space while providing maximum design options in terms of color, texture, and sheen.

Remodeling a Residence with concrete overlay flooring
Remodeling a Residence with concrete overlay flooring
Remodeling a Residence with concrete overlay flooring
Residential modern concrete microttopping floor
Residential Condo Flooring 3
Residential concrete microttopping floor colorful
Residential home owners may choose resurfaced concrete flooring as a contemporary interior design option.
Another view of the residential kitchen and it's beautiful concrete overlay flooring in Hampton, NY.
This bar benefits from the contemporary look and feel of concrete overlay flooring.
Retailers and shops utilize concrete microtoppings / overlays to achieve a modern, high-end appearance.