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Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries, Bakeries, and anywhere food is processed or prepared.

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About Düraamen

Duraamen is a trusted global supplier of high-performance flooring systems that utilize sustainable polymer technology.

Kraftig Floor Systems

High-Performance Commercial Kitchen Flooring for Large Industries and Small Restaurants alike

Kraftig Urethen Modified Concrete Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating Diagram

Kraftig by Düraamen, High-Performance Urethane Modified Concrete Floor Systems.

Duraamen’s Kraftig Commercial Kitchen Floor Systems are the toughest, most durable floor coating options available for commercial kitchens and industrial-scale food preparation. They inhibit fungus and bacterial growth, are thermal shock and chemical resistant, and keep employees safe with an optional anti-slip coating.

Kraftig Floor Systems consists of a high-performance urethane modified cement (UMC or urethane concrete) coating, a primer, an aggregate, and a topcoat. Several colors, topcoat options, and aggregates are available to meet the specific performance needs of your kitchen, food-preparation area, brewery, or factory.

  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Bacteria and Fungi resistant
  • Superb bond strength. UMC adheres to multiple substrates, including concrete, quarry tiles, and porcelain tiles
  • Formulated for ease of installation and a fast turnaround
  • May be applied in occupied areas
  • Seamless installation
  • Option cove base for a seamless wall-to-floor transition
  • Low maintenance—engineered to last the life of your business
  • FREE SHIPPING on Kraftig Floor Kits. An excellent option for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Installing the Kraftig Urethane Modified Concrete Flooring System

In this instructional how-to video, Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute demonstrates the mixing and installation process for a seamless urethane concrete floor coating. Surface preparation is crucial, as the concrete substrate requires a profile of 5 in order for the urethane coating to be properly installed. This may require shot blasting or diamond grinding.

Brewery flooring
UMC Commercial Kitchen, Urethane Modified Concrete Floor 03
UMC Flooring in a Brewery
UMC Commercial Kitchen, Urethane Modified Concrete Floor 02
UMC Commercial Kitchen, Urethane Modified Concrete Floor
Food Production Facility: Urethane Concrete Floor
Green Urethane Modified Concrete Flooring in a factory