Restaurant Kitchens & Food Prep Areas

Anyone who has ever cleaned a kitchen floor can appreciate what an advantage having seamless resin flooring in this area can be. Lesser flooring materials have openings and joints where mold, mildew, food particles, and bacteria can gather. Not only is it a pain to scrub these cracks and crevices clean, but it is also a health and safety hazard.

The solution is to have a decorative resinous flooring system installed in your kitchen, freezer, and refrigeration areas. These solid and continuous floors, topped with protective, bacteria-resistant coatings, make maintenance much easier and also enhance the appearance of the kitchen overall.

The completed concrete flooring system can be made to be completely smooth and glossy while replicating the look of beautiful natural stone floors if desired. To keep your kitchen staff safe, non-slip additives can be added to the topcoat in order to reduce the risk of slipping.

Available Floor Systems