Cannabis Dispencary Grow Area Flooring

New cannabis legislation is sweeping the nation. Cannabis Business owners are constructing or retrofitting their dispensaries and cultivation facilities to comply with state and federal regulations, enhances their stores, and produce better plant product.

Your choice of flooring could impact your business tremendously.

  • If your store or cultivation facility does not meet state and federal legal requirements for growing and handling marijuana, your license could be at risk.
  • Inferior flooring in a cultivation facility could lead to product degradation due to mold and decay and inefficient production due to flooring maintenance and repair time.

For these reasons, a Urethane Modified Concrete (UMC), Quartz, or Epoxy floor system from Duraamen is perfect for your cannabis business’ growing area.

These seamless flooring systems prevent bacterial growth and make them easy to maintain. They can be made anti-slip for safety and come with various options, including multiple colors and chemical resistance.

Available Floor Systems